NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – In March, students in the Bluebird classes at the North Plainfield Giving Nest Preschool & Kindergarten will have the opportunity to put their senses to the test while the Cardinal classes will channel their inner artist and the Ducklings will learn about different types of animals and their habitats.

Bluebird students are learning about the five senses and, on March 9, will attend a 5 Senses and Differently Abled Workshop consisting of several fun and education stations providing the children opportunities to taste their sense of smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight.

At the Sense of Smell station, children will put their nose to the test to identify a variety of different items while at the Sense of Hearing station they will be able to shake wooden blocks, ‘listen’ to the sound inside and find the matching block with the same sound. At the Sense of Touch station, the children will be able to ‘feel’ and guess the hidden object inside a box.

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Over at the Sense of Taste station, students will taste various food items to determine if they are sweet or sour and, at the Sense of Sight station, they will ‘look’ at part of a picture and try to guess what they are seeing. The workshop will also feature a sixth station focused on what happens when one cannot see or hear where children will have the chance to learn about Braille and sign language.

“Children are very caring by nature and when they take part in this workshop, it allows them to explore the world around them through their senses,” said Mary Sue Frank, who along with Debbie Hannon is co-owner/co-founder of the Giving Nest. “We feel it is very important for the children to be able to understand that some people are not able to hear, see, run and walk like they do.”

Frank added, “Children take disabilities in their stride, and this allows them to ‘experience’ how people with a disability manage to do every day things.”

In March, the Giving Nest will also hold special age-appropriate art and animal workshops. Throughout the school year the children in the Cardinal classes are learning interesting facts about different artist and are working on a project using that artist’s technique. Some of the artists include Pablo Picasso, Mary Cassatt, Vincent Van Gogh, and Tom Feelings.

On March 23 and March 24, the children will attend an “Artist Workshop” and there will be four stations – Michelangelo, where they will paint under a table lying on their backs; Georgia O’Keefe, where they will paint giant flowers; Henri Moore, where they will make clay sculptures; and the Children are the Artist in the Neighborhood, where they will create their very own masterpieces.

“The Cardinal children study an artist each month as part of their curriculum. They learn not only about the artist’s famous pieces that hang in museums and galleries, but also a little bit about the artist themselves,” said Frank, adding, “The workshop allows them to use different mediums to replicate pieces of art work, and to shine as an artist themselves.”

Some of the artwork the children have completed will be on display at the Giving Nest’s school-wide art gallery to be held on April 6 and 8.

This month, the Duckling classes will also learn about all kinds of animals and attend an animal workshop on March 30 and March 31 that will feature Farm, Forest, Animal Habitat, Jungle and Pet stations.

At the Farm station, the children will match the mommy farm animal with her baby and, at the Forest station, they will paint forest animals and create a ‘forest mural’ while at the Animal Habitats station the students will be asked to identify an animal’s habitat by looking at different scenes and determine what animals lives where. Additionally, at the Jungle station, the children, pretending they are jungle animals, will walk, crawl and slither while making appropriate animal sounds, and, at the Pet station they will receive stuffed pet animals along with veterinarian and grooming tools so that they can take care of their ‘pets.’

“Roar, woof, meow, quack, oink, neigh – our little Duckling’s cannot resist the animals they get to meet during their workshop,” said Frank. “We try to bring the ‘animals’ and their habitat to life; this allows them to experience not just the animals they might meet every day, but animals from faraway lands.”

She continued, “In May, we complete the workshop when we take delivery of 12 eggs from the farm, and observe them as they hatch into little adorable fluffy, yellow chicks!”

About the Giving Nest Preschools

The Giving Nest Preschool and Kindergarten in North Plainfield at St. Luke’s Church opened its doors in September 1990. Today, the school offers a variety of half- and full-day Monday through Friday, Thursday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes for children 2 1/2 to 5-years and full-day kindergarten along will early morning and late afternoon extended care services and age-appropriate enrichment classes.

Today, there are also Giving Nest’s in Bridgewater, Martinsville, Warren, and Watchung. Bridgewater, Martinsville, and Watchung offer a variety of half- and full-day Monday through Friday, Thursday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes for children 2 1/2 to 5-years along will early morning and late afternoon extended care services on as needed basis or permanent basis. North Plainfield and Martinsville offer full-day kindergarten while the Warren school offers full- and half-day programs for children 18- to 30-months. Additionally, several locations offer age-appropriate afternoon enrichment classes and, during the summer, themed summer camps are held in Warren and Watchung.

For enrollment information or to schedule a tour or learn more about the Giving Nest Preschool and Kindergarten, visit Prospective parents can also contact the school of their choice by calling the North Plainfield Giving Nest at (908) 754-2060; Watchung at (908) 222-1003; Martinsville at (732) 302-1321; Bridgewater at (908) 704-9555; or Warren at (732) 893-8222.

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