SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ – After hearing about a spree of bank robberies in the area on Sunday, one Subway employee in Scotch Plains found himself in quite a pickle.

“I had seen the police cars on the way to work and looked up on the internet to see what had happened,” an employee named Jack said.

Realizing there was a man in the area on the loose, the Subway employee noted a customer enter and head straight to the bathroom. According to the lone worker, there were no other customers or employees in the store.

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“I was by myself and the guy happened to walk in and he was a little dirty,” the employee said. “Then he went into the bathroom and came out and asked for plastic bags.”

After handing the potential customer four bags, the employee said the man returned to the bathroom for some length of time.

“I read a description of the person they were looking for and had a big hunch that this was the guy. I called the police and told them you need to get over here right away,” the employee said. “He had started walking out of the bathroom and had the plastic bags on his feet and on his head and that’s when about ten officers stormed in with guns drawn.”

Andrew Miller, 21, was charged with two counts of robbery as well as resisting arrest. Police searched his home on Donatio Circle behind the Subway restaurant before receiving the phone call.

According to the police, Miller demanded money from bank tellers with a written note. His bail was set at $75,000.

Jack, who has worked at Subway for about a year, says he remains prepared for anything to happen at work.

“I told my boss when she came by later in the day and she was so surprised by what happened. There’s no camera in the store so I just keep my ears and eyes open trying to be aware.”