(Editors Note: The following was submitted by Samantha Jeannot, a senior at North Plainfield High School senior and intern with TAPinto North Plainfield, Green Brook & Watchung).

NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Every year, seniors in high school across the nation have to begin the daunting task of applying to college. While many believe that senior year is the easiest and that students get to breeze through electives and get a diploma, there's way more to it then one may think.

Before most seniors can throw on a cap and gown, they must endure the stressful process of college admissions.

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Most seniors, around junior year of high school, are expected to plan or have an idea of their career paths. Not every senior plans on attending Harvard and some resort to other alternatives such as a trade school, working or even the United States military. However, for those who plan to earn degrees, they must apply to the schools that capture their interest.

There are a multitude of factors that a student must consider in order to choose the schools that suits him or her best. One needs to look into the top schools with their major, determine if they need financial aid, see if they are comfortable with public or private institutions, know if they want to stay in or out of state, and the list goes on.

Not only do seniors have to decide on the schools of their interest, but they have to be admitted into them, which intensifies the process even further. The majority of institutions require basic information such as SAT scores, a transcript, an application, teacher recommendations, and, in some cases, portfolios. To make it much more efficient, the process of admissions can be done online, which avoids the terror of snail mail.

North Plainfield High School senior Nick Pisani just recently applied to Boston University, his dream school, and is expecting to hear from them by February.  “The process of admissions is very stressful and much harder than I thought it was going to be,” Pisani said.

Applying to college is difficult, especially for those looking to attend their ‘dream school,’ and, for many, clicking ‘submit’ is only half the battle.