NJ 7TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT – Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07), co-chair of the Republican Israel Caucus, reacted to the news of a general framework on the Iran's nuclear development:

“The Obama Administration must be completely transparent with Congress and the American people on the details of this framework. For decades, Iran has been pursuing a nuclear program - operating thousands of centrifuges and concealing secret nuclear facilities from the world. Tough sanctions brought Iran to the bargaining table out of desperation."

 "We must now carefully consider the tools and leverage we have to hold Iran accountable. Congress and the international stakeholders must be able to review the details of the framework before any sanctions are lifted," added Lance, who asserted that any final deal must be approved by Congress.

“Iran is a known state sponsor of terrorism. Many tough questions remain as to how Iran will reengage in world affairs and if they will promote peace and freedom - at home and across the Middle East. The Administration must work with Congress to address these questions and other remaining concerns about the safety and security of our Nation and our interests.”