At the rededication of the Blue Star Memorial Drive Congressman Leonard Lance reiterated his support for a zip code for North Plainfield.

North Plainfield shares four zip codes with the City of Plainfield despite the fact that the two are separate municipalities in different counties.  The combined zip codes result in North Plainfield residents receiving jury summonses for Union County when they live in Somerset County and are ineligible to serve.  Plainfield schools spend money unnecessarily to print and mail extra newsletters that are mailed to North Plainfield families that cannot attend Plainfield schools.  Internet stores and GPS regularly confuse the two communities and send purchases and people to the wrong addresses.

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North Plainfield last appealed their zip code in 2004.  At the time Congressman Michael Ferguson declined to support the request and as a result was denied.  The denial meant that the town could not make another appeal for ten years, a timeframe that is up in October of this year.

In those ten years mail continues to be misdirected, jury summonses improperly delivered and Internet shopping and GPS use have grown exponentially.

“It’s long overdue that North Plainfield get its own zip code,” said Council President Doug Singleterry.  “I’m looking forward to working with the Congressman’s office to make it happen.”a