When people say something false, we learn a universal truth: WE LEARN NOT TO TRUST THEM.

The Republicans put out a mailer the other day that stated I support “massive new government healthcare, “$1.3 billion in taxes,” and “an extreme agenda.” They thought they could scare you into voting for Bramnick and Muñoz. None of that is the truth.

I’ve been on the record from the beginning, saying that healthcare funding must happen at the Federal level. Our state finances cannot and should not handle the burden.

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And as for taxes, I support revenue raising that comes from closing a corporate tax loophole that other states have already closed -- one that allows companies who do business in New Jersey to shift paper profits out of state to avoid paying their fair share here at home. 

I don’t support the current proposed change in our income tax structure. I don’t support the legalization (and taxation) of marijuana. 

And as for an extreme agenda, my priorities are tackling property taxes, modernizing our infrastructure, keeping our families safe, and ensuring a quality education. Those are common concerns across this district that I am willing to fight for. 

From beginning to end, there was nothing truthful in that mailer. Well, there was one truthful thing -- but it isn’t the one that Muñoz and Bramnick intended. That one truth is that these incumbents can’t be trusted. 

They can’t be trusted with your vote, because they can’t be trusted to make sure you are informed.

We’ve all had enough of career politicians who don’t really care about issues or facts; we deserve better. 

Visit my website LaceyForAssembly.com. Learn the truth. And vote for me on November 7.

Lacey Rzeszowski is the Democratic candidate for State Assembly, Legislative District 21.