My name is Tim Logan and I have been a resident of Watchung for 55yrs. I've seen many changes shape our borough over my years! Our little bucolic town has certainly grown and changed but it's managed to keep its "small town" feel. I've woven my life into this town through volunteerism, voting, and keeping my finger on the pulse, to the best of my ability! 
         I currently serve as a member of the Historical Committee, which is where I first had the pleasure to meet Amber Murad. My first impression was of a smart, energetic, young woman who was eager to dive in and get involved and begin to learn, love and serve the town of Watchung! Her organizational skills and her "can do" attitude quickly earned her a pivotal role, and now a lead role, in the committee!
         When I heard she wanted to jump into the race to serve as a council person in Watchung, I couldn't think of one reason why she shouldn't?! Her maturity exceeds her years; her forward thinking, common sense approach to proactive problem solving is beyond impressive, and she keeps her tenacity, that rivals a bobcat, quietly in her back pocket, for when it's needed!
         I am pleased to see her maintain composure and refrain from the abundant mud slinging that has sullied our upcoming election. She's been knocking on doors, lending her ear, voicing her agenda,  and pledging to all that she'll give her absolute best to the town she's grown to love, and is ready to serve!
          Please give consideration to voting for Amber and allow her to lead and motivate others to make Watchung the best it can be for "ALL" it's residents! — feeling excited.