North Plainfield Parents and concerned citizens of North Plainfield, please plan on attending Wednesday night's Board of Education Meeting (November 15, 2017, 7:30PM, East End School) in support of Dr. McLaughlin, Superintendent of Schools. It is critical that our/your Board of Education understands how much we value the efforts of Dr. McLaughlin and Ms. Vella and our desire to renew his contract. A motion to renew his contract has yet to be added to the Board agenda. If this does not happen before the end of December, we can assume that the Board has decided by default not to renew. Given the tremendous improvements that have been made within our District under Dr. McLaughlin's leadership, including Literacy and Math achievement gains, full day Pre-school for all district 4 year olds ($1.6M awarded by NJDOE), Language Immersion Program, Advanced Placement Gains and Expansion of AP, as well as many other accomplishments, it is in our Communities best interests to continue our relationship with Dr. McLaughlin.

There has been much speculation about the Board's intent to bring back former Superintendent Marilyn Birnbaum as interim Superintendent during the course of a search of a replacement for Dr. McLaughlin. Additionally, and most recently, there have been a number of meetings between the Board and the Board's attorney which I suspect are being held to prevent potential legal issues arising from such action. And lastly, and purely my speculation, should Dr. McLaughlin's contract not be renewed, we should expect that Ms. Vella will soon follow suit.

Please attend Wednesday nights Board of Education Meeting and let your support be known.