I want to share some thoughts with you.

I have not been posting on social media, although I have been constantly reading your posts so that I can represent you through this sad time. What our community has been saying is inspirational and has helped me cope through these “more than” trying times.

Special thanks to my fellow Parkland, Coral Springs, Broward Commissioners and School Board Members for their tireless effort to figure out the best way to help heal our community. I am impressed and see them out supporting our community and keep coming back and listening and talking to everyone that they can. I never thought I would ever need to learn how to work through a situation like this in my role, but I am glad that I am here to do so.

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I appreciate how our Media Sources and City have communicated up-to-date news and information.

I have attended every funeral over the last few days, except for one where two occurred at the same time and our commissioners made sure both were represented from our Parkland family. I have experienced more emotions over the weekend than I can tolerate but then realize it is nothing compared to our MSD students, staff and their families. I am so glad that I can be there for them.

Like my family and those that were not primarily affected, we are hurting too and we will get through this together.

I have attended rallies to encourage and support our children speaking out and sharing their feelings. We should be proud to hear them speak in unity!

Should you need anything, please contact me via my email at skagan@cityofparkland.org and I will get back to you. It may not be right away since I have received so many emails, calls and texts.

Thank you all for kindness and encouragement from the emails and comments already received. It really helps me to go through this with all of you.

To my Friends, fellow Residents and opposition, let's show the world (and I know they are watching), we will get through this Parkland Strong and Proud!

Our Eagles Soar!

Best Wishes,

Stacy Kagan, your Vice Mayor