GREEN BROOK, NJ -  The Township of Green Brook has been declared and designated a disaster/emergency area effective immediately according to Green Brook Mayor Patrick N. Boccio  and  Francis J. Gaffney Emergency Management Coordinator.  The  following regulations shall be operative within the Township in addition to all other laws of the State of New Jersey, County of Somerset, and Township of Green Brook:

  1. The Green Brook Town Hall will not be open to the public beginning on March 17, 2020. The public will utilize online payment options if available, U.S. Mail or drop box service at Township Offices for taxes, licenses, permits and other local business.
  2. The public is requested to utilize phone and/or email to make routine inquires and/or report information to the Township. Alternative procedures may be authorized by the Township Administrator. As conditions permit, Township employees will staff respective offices, but utilize methods to limit exposure.
  3. The Police Department in-person contact is limited to emergencies only. The public should contact the Police Department via telephone for non-emergency matters.
  4. All playgrounds are closed and other athletic facilities will be closed to any and all organizations and groups of a size greater than four (4) persons, including family members.
  5. All businesses are encouraged to establish policies that limit contact with and between the public to the greatest extent possible.
  6. Township sponsored recreation events are canceled through the end of April 2020.
  7. All Township board, committee and commission meetings, except Township Committee and Board of Health meetings are canceled through April 12, 2020.
  8. Businesses and residents shall follow state-mandated orders, such as those related to curfews, non­ essential travel and operating restrictions.
  9. This Emergency Declaration shall be posted in at least five (5) conspicuous places within the Township, published at least once in an official newspaper, and posted on the Township's website.
  10. The Emergency Management Coordinator, in concert with the Mayor, have the right to call upon regular and auxiliary law enforcement and emergency response agencies and organizations within or without the Township to assist in preserving and keeping the peace and in enforcing the terms and conditions of this Emergency Declaration during the period of emergency.
  11. This Emergency Declaration shall be of a duration determined to be in the best interests of the residents and businesses of the Township and shall be terminated only by a subsequent Declaration that such emergency no longer threatens the public safety, health and welfare of such residents and businesses.
  12. Executive Order No. 104, issued on March 16 2020, by Governor Phillip D. Murphy, shall be considered part of this Emergency Declaration.
  13. Since this an ongoing and rapidly evolving situation, modification of this Emergency Declaration may occur as conditions warrant.