GREEN BROOK, NJ - Green Brook Board of Education will present its return to school plan at Wednesday's meeting of the Board of Education. .

BOE Public Meeting – Wednesday, July 22 at 7 p.m. Attendees can register by clicking the link below. After registering you will receive an email with information about joining the meeting. 

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Additionally, information related to the return to school plan is posted on the website as follows:

Shortly after the COVID-related closure last March, the district began planning for reopening scenarios for the 2020-21 school year. On June 26, the NJDOE released its 104-page guidance for the reopening of schools: The Road Back: Restart and Recovery Plan for Education. As we merged our planning with the NJDOE guidance, essential questions remained.

To determine which direction the planning would continue to move in, the district sent out Staff and Parent Surveys. The surveys asked for feedback on two possible reopening options, and general feelings towards the recommended CDC Health and Safety guidelines. In addition, the Parent Survey asked for specific concerns and information on the general welfare of families.

Using this feedback and the guidance of our local health department and district physician, we are able to communicate a tentative plan that meets our goal of reopening schools safely with a priority on the physical and mental health and safety for all students and staff.

GBTPS Proposed Plan

Survey Results

  • Staff Summary
  • Parent Summary (related to reopening options and guidelines; open-ended responses are currently being coded for analysis)

Based on the feedback from the surveys, the Plan will prioritize the following:

  1. follow CDC guidelines (social distancing & face coverings)
  2. discourage student cohort mixing
  3. address the impact on the mental health and wellness of students and staff by focusing on transition
  4. encourage and improve healthy hygiene practices

In September, the District will reopen schools following a Hybrid Schedule that will bring 50% of the students into the building on a given day. Each grade level will be divided into 2 groups, Group A and Group B, with considerations to keeping siblings together regardless of grade levels. Each Group will be in school 2 days and virtual 3 days a week (chart below). This A/B Group Hybrid schedule provides the most consistency and support for students and staff as we transition into the new school year while meeting all the health and safety guidelines from the CDC.

The Hybrid Schedule addresses the following:

  • Reduces classroom/building capacity to 50%
    • Allows for physical distancing
    • Improves contact tracing
  • Single session days
    • Eliminates lunch in school
    • Allow for planning and PD for staff
    • Assists in the requirement of face coverings
    • Provides opportunities for additional support for select students
  • Virtual Day Wednesday
    • Provides consistent schedule for parents
      • Alternative #1 – A/B Groups rotate In School on Wednesdays
      • Alternative #2 – A/B Groups rotate every other day or 6 day cycle
    • Provides opportunities for additional support for select students
    • Allow for planning and PD for staff

HYBRID Schedule – 50% In School Model

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Group A – In School Group A – Distance Learning Additional Support In School for Select Students Group A – In School Group A – Distance Learning
Group B – Distance Learning Group B – In School Staff PD & Planning
All Students – Distance Learning
Group B – Distance Learning Group B – In School