NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - MAKE SOME NOISE! Mayor Mike Giordano and the North Plainfield Recreation Department invite you to MAKE SOME NOISE every evening from 7:00 pm to 7:05 pm, as North Plainfield joins the rest of the world in celebrating and appreciating ALL of our heroes helping us through the crisis of COVID 19.

"So at 7:00 pm every night, starting on Monday, April 27, stand at your doorstep or in your yard and clap your hands, shout out loud, blow a horn, or bang some pots and pans, they said. Listen for your neighbors making noise too and let’s get louder and louder each night to show our unity in this difficult time. Let’s have this celebration be more contagious than the virus itself! 

While we are cheering…let’s also celebrate our own strength and unity as we socially distance and keep our families safe. Let’s recognize that we have all sacrificed, we have all put in lots of effort to do things differently, and we all may need to dig even a little deeper to maintain our strength as this pandemic continues. So MAKE SOME NOISE to thank of all of our heroes and to support each other in these challenging times!"