BERNARDSVILLE, NJ -- The Bernardsville Borough Council last week passed and adopted an ordinance for a reduced speed limit on two roads in the municipality.

The ordinance calls for the speed limit on Anderson Hill Road and Mount Harmony Road to be scaled back from 35 mph to 25 mph. It was adopted at the Monday, Feb. 11 meeting.

The steep, winding nature of these roads has created concern among residents that vehicles moving at higher speeds are more difficult to navigate on such tricky arteries. Curves are signed at 5 mph less than the regular speed limit of the road, but since the speed limit of Mount Harmony Road was increased to 35 mph, residents have become concerned about the safety of speed limits of 30 mph on the curves.

"A lot of these municipal roadways were not capable of 30 mph curves," said Mount Harmony Road resident at the Jan. 28 meeting. "I think the borough ought to take a look at some of these other roadways where the speed limit has been increased."