ORLANDO, FL - The Watchung Hills JPW cheer team performed a flawless routine with no deduction to pull out 4th place  out of 16 teams at Nationals at ESPN in Orlando on Dec. 13.

The team of 18 girls on the squad  in grades 4th -6th worked hard and their dedication to the squad really showed. They had some tough competition this year and competed at three competitions at the Cure arena in Trenton. They went up against 22 teams and placed second in the eastern region to qualify for nationals at ESPN in Walt Disney World.

Coaches- Michelle Richardson, Stephanie Pfeiffer and Liana Cerqueira 

Victoria Barnes, Ainsley Kelly, Bella Oliveria, Aubrey Hansen, Elyse Duque, Julie Feldblum,Katarina Schroeder, Kristen Cooper, Sofia Cooper, Madelyn Cunha, Leah Fish, Mya Richardson, Maia Jimenez, Tessa Pfeiffer, Nina Cerqueira, Nasia Davis, Suri Shah, Vanessa Delforno