FRANKLIN, NJ -The Watchung Hills Wolverine JV Pop Warner football team took on the Hightstown Rams in the Central Jersey Championship on Sunday in Franklin.  The Wolverines joined their fellow WHPW Junior Pee Wee and Pee Wee teams on what was a raining and wet Sunday of football.  The JV team was able to complete their winning tradition with a solid 22-12 win over Hightstown.  The WHPW teams all came away with victories on Sunday and will all advance into the first round of the Regionals.  Exciting times of the WHPW football players, coaches, families and the community who supports their teams!


As the Wolverines entered the field the rain came to a stop, the sun came out and it was officially game time.  After receiving the opening kickoff the team took to offense with some strong running from David Dubas, Adam Bowles and Carmen Marano.  The initial drive was finished with a 20 yard dash from David Dubas for the TD capped off with the kick for the 2 points after bringing the score to 8-0 Wolverines.  After a quick 4 and out from the Rams, the Wolverines offense took back to the field, the rams held on defense and the WH was forced to punt.  The punt was blocked by the Rams and recovered by Dubas.   The Rams went to the air on offense with two great long passes including one strike for a 25 yards followed by a 20 yard run for the TD, a missed extra point kept the score at 8-6.   The Rams failed onsite kick found the Wolverines on their own 40 yard line and after two great passes from David Dubas to Joe Hardy for 10 and then to Ryan Johnson for another 20 yard, followed by a few big runs from Dubas including a 15 yard dash to the end zone for another TD, a missed point after attempt kept the score 14-6, Wolverines. After regaining offensive possession a key interception from Brennan Fahs, got the ball back in WH’s hands.   The Wolverines took to the ground with more hard running from Carmen Marano & Dubas as the half finished out.


The second half began with Rams on offense which they took to the ground with a great run for a long TD, the extra point was missed and the Wolverine lead went down to 2.  Wolverines now back on offense went to the big three and their run game, Dubas, Marano and Bowles.   Finishing the drive was Dubas who ran it is for his 3rd rushing TD of the game, the always clutch Braden Fenton connected for the extra point kick bring the score to 22-12.  Fenton then went on to complete as successful on sides kick and recovery putting the ball back in the Wolverine offenses hands.   This time is was  hard running from Brennan  Fahs that helped advance the ball and expire valuable minutes off the clock until and unfortunate turnoff on a missed handoff.    The Rams offense has another chance, the Wolverine defense had other plans.  Tough play and critical tackles from Joe Hardy, Brady Marshall, Quadir Anderson & Ryan Johnson held the Rams to a 4 and out. Back once again on offense the Wolverines saw some great runs from QB Scott Drews, a great reception and run from Joe Hardy but unfortunately ended with a turnover in the end zone for a touch back.  The Rams anxious to get back on offense were met with strong defensive plays from Scott Drews, a great blocked pass from KJ West and a great tackle from Jack Clintock avoiding a big gain and a crucial stop from Adam Bowles on a long 4th down the Rams had a turnover on downs.   As the clock winded down in the 4th the Wolverines controlled the ball until the scoreboard registered time had officially ended.  The Wolverines enjoyed their victory and received their Garden State Championship Trophy and a reward for their hard work all season. 


Next week the Wolverines face Howell in the first round of the Pop Warner Regional brackets at Woodbridge High School on Saturday AM.  Coach Fenton and his staff will be hard at work this week preparing for what is sure to be another great game.