To the editor:

The Democrats had better fervently hope that the Republicans can pass a replacement for Obamacare before it completely collapses as health care insurance companies continue to pull out of the program in state after state. Already the Democrats in government have sensed this and are looking for ways to blame the Republicans even though discussion of the bill was never allowed and not a single Republican voted for it.

Aside from the inherent problems with Obamacare which doom it to fail, we were never told anything of the hidden taxes in the law. We were not told that when we sell our home, which is for many their only life savings, that we would have to pay a 3.4 percent  Obamacare tax on the profit (capital gains). Also hidden from us was that we as taxpayers would be subsidizing the health care insurance companies’ annual losses under this program. Or that there had to be losses because the law forced the acceptance of pre-existing conditions and provision for children up to the age of 26--items which are not in their business model. Nor were we told that there would be a tax on innovator drug companies and medical device manufacturers, which leads to increases in consumer costs. Or that a cap was placed on flexible spending accounts, which really hurts special needs children by taxing the dollars that their parents spend for their well-being.

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Many of these problems could have been avoided through a risk insurance pool and a provision that health care insurance executives’ earnings should be matched by company contributions into that pool, thereby possibly limiting the exorbitant salaries now being paid.

The American people have always been generous and a more sustainable system of reform could have been achieved. The building of a program on lies and deceptive practices on which Obamacare was built destined it to fail. Costs have risen dramatically for many and spiking deductibles have made much of the insurance valueless. Alternate systems could have been devised which would have allowed for coverage of pre-existing conditions and making 26-year-olds eligible without people having to lose their insurance plans and their physicians.

President Obama stated “you can keep your doctor and you can keep your plan.” Neither turned out to be true. Maybe he didn’t read this 2,000 page fiasco, either. The prime architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, recently stated “that the implementation of this law required the stupidity of the American people.”

Ironically, that was the only time that the public was told the truth about this debacle. Of course, special recognition for foisting this mess on the American public is due the Democratic congressmen and senators who blindly passed Obamacare into law. While the Republican senators are wrangling with the intricacies of a new law, you can be assured that the Democrats are sweating profusely despite their obstinate opposition.

Sy Globerman, North Salem