NORTH SALEM, N.Y.-Mike Burns has been running the Westchester Bluegrass Club for the past 25 years as a way of staying in touch with the music scene.

“I’m a bluegrasser, I play bluegrass music. I used to tour and play in country bands but I got out of it and I just couldn’t take touring anymore, so I keep my hands in the music by promoting this club and having people play music there,” Burns said.

Burns, a Purdys resident, plans events for the Westchester Bluegrass Club about half a dozen times throughout the year. Each event is roughly the same: there’s an acoustic jam, followed by an open mic, followed by a big-name act. A donation of $20 goes to paying the rent for the Lake Purdys Club House, 33 Purdys Way, and the rest goes to the headlining band.

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Burns doesn’t take in any money form the events.

“It’s nice because, I’ll tell you, in the area there are some tremendous young players that are really starting to stretch themselves out. Some of them have gone on to school in Berklee College of Music in Boston,” Burns said. “My feeling is, if we can turn them on to music rather than video games, it’s just so much better for them.”

On Saturday, March 17, Mile Twelve will perform. The band plays a mix of original and traditional bluegrass music.

All level of skills are invited to the acoustic jam and open mic. The event is BYOB and people are encouraged to bring a food dish to share.

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