This week is all about priming our taste buds to celebrate National Frozen Custard Day on Tuesday, Aug. 8! This exercise requires some field work; getting out to some of our favorite ice cream and custard shops to fully engage in this day really reminds me how tough my job is!  I’m never quite sure what it means to celebrate or embrace these national “days” but this week, when we are out and about, we’ll post some pictures, beat the heat and enjoy some of the area’s bounty of frozen treats.  

Scoops N’ More
90 Gleneida Ave., Carmel, NY
My first stop on the National Frozen Custard Day tour is Scoops N’ More, a classic, old-fashioned seasonal ice cream “stand” in Carmel known far and wide for its traditional soft-serve frozen custard, hard ice cream and summer food. It is a charming throw-back to a simpler time. There is a walk-up window and plenty of covered picnic tables. Parking is in the lot and on the street. This is a favorite of locals, sports teams, families and students from the high school. When we were there, there were just as many hamburgers being ordered as chocolate and vanilla swirl cones, so bring a large appetite when you visit.
Why I love it:
Because the ice cream is consistently delicious, the service friendly and while there are always lines, they move quickly. The staff is welcoming to humans and canines; we have often found a satisfied customer enjoying a small cup under the table (on a leash, of course!).  We also love the hours: seven days, always till 9 or 10 p.m.

Seven Scoops Frozen Custard
1143 E. Main St., Shrub Oak, NY
Seven Scoops is a new addition to our favorite lineup of ice cream haunts and we are happy that it is here. This family owned and operated shop—a traditional storefront—is colorful and fun with innovative flavors posted daily on chalkboards along the wall. There are delicious pastries and cannolis to complement its fun flavors. There is seating inside and out, and the friendly and helpful staff makes the visit a pleasure.
Why I love it:
Because it has three amazing flavors: Nutella, Coconut and Key Lime Pie. ‘Nuf said.

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King Cone
109 Route 100, Somers, NY
Another great throwback to another time. Classic drive-up/drive-in ice cream “stand.”  Known throughout the county for its generous portions and selection of soft serve custard, hard ice cream and casual food. A favorite of local sports teams (I don’t think I’ve ever been there and not seen a baseball team there).  The lines are long but the experienced and friendly staff moves it efficiently. There are plenty of picnic tables, a play area for little kids and parking in their lot. Bring cash.
Why I love it:
Because it hasn’t changed in all the years I’ve lived in the area and because the portions and taste of its traditional custard have not, either; it’s tried and true and it won’t disappoint. It also has served many generations of families in our area so it’s a way to take your kids back to a simpler time.

The Blue Pig
121 Maple St., Croton on Hudson, NY
This adorable gem is another fun stop on the magical ice cream tour—not for traditional custard, but for a creative change of pace. A charming light blue oasis of locally sourced, hormone- and antibiotic-free handmade ice cream and lunch specials. The flavors are amazing and there are vegan choices, as well. Friendly and helpful staff, great décor and there is room to eat in or out on the garden patio.
Why I love it:
Because who wouldn’t love a flavor called “Really Good Chocolate?” Because its vegan selections include Oreo and espresso. Because although I am not from the generation that drank Lime Rickeys, the Blue Pig serves a sundae called Cherry Lime Ricky with mojito sorbet and black cherry soda—how cool is that?

Johnny Gelato
424 Main St., Ridgefield, CT
Although I have not yet recovered from Johnny Gelato leaving Kent, NY, I am still a fan, so it is on the “tour.”  You won’t find better gelato anywhere, in my opinion, and the 24 flavors available daily range from the traditional to the exotic. It also serves a great selection of sorbet. The father and daughter team who own this Main Street storefront leave no flavors to the imagination. Cones, cups, sandwiches—we are all in for the celebration of frozen custard with a little cheat of gelato.
Why I love it:
Because there is nothing like a gelato shake. Because fall is around the corner and so is pumpkin gelato, one of its seasonal offerings, and because raspberry stracciatella is honestly too pretty to eat.