As commander of North Salem American Legion Post 1866, I am making a motion asking that our post and the state and national organization of the American Legion condemn the recent attack on Sen. John McCain by President Donald J. Trump and the stupid callous remark made by one of his aides that “He is dying anyway.”

John McCain is a real war hero. He underwent 5-1/2 years of abuse and torture by our enemies after he was captured during the Vietnam War. He survived and is back in the U.S. Senate, but he is very sick with cancer. 

I believe that President Trump should get down on his knees and beg Mr. McCain to forgive him for his stupid remark, “McCain is not a war hero. He was captured. I only like people who were not captured.” Mr. Trump should be ashamed of himself. What did our president do during our wars? He got five draft deferments and avoided service altogether by claiming he had bone spurs on one of his heels. I call Donald Trump a “draft dodger” and he should be listed as “Draft Dodger in Chief.” 

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I am asking the local, state and national organization of the American Legion to approve the following resolution attacking President Donald J. Trump for callous and false remarks against U.S. Sen. John McCain. “Senator McCain, a veteran of the

Vietnam War, is a genuine war hero. He survived 5-1/2 years of enemy captivity where he was frequently beaten and injured by America’s enemies. He survived but is now gravely ill of cancer which may take his life. We call on President Trump to apologize for his remarks and for the stupid statement made by one of his aides, “He is dying anyway.” 

The Legion calls Mr. McCain a genuine heroic American who has fought and suffered for our nation. He deserves the greatest honors we can bestow.