One of the main lies that President Donald J. Trump has been promoting is that any news that does not favor him is “fake news.”

Trump continually makes this false statement in the tweets he sends out almost every day to the public. Like many of the other false and misleading statements he makes to the American people, he never states why he charges that a news item is “fake.”

Trump evidently believes that if you repeat a false charge often enough, people will believe it. I have to say that is true for some people, but I know and I hope that it isn’t true for most of the public.

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Before I continue this discussion, I want President Trump to explain to the public why he believes any recent news item is “fake news.” Let me see you prove what you said, Mr. President, or shut up. Take any major news item that is running today, such as your sudden love affair with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, and tell me whether or not you believe that it is or isn’t “fake news.”

It amazes me that Mr. Trump, who said two weeks ago that he would meet the North Korean dictator with “fire and fury,” now considers him a friend and ally. Trump wants to cancel our military exercises with South Korea and wants to invite Kim Jong-Un to visit him in the White House.

What changed in the last two weeks and how did a ruthless dictator who imprisoned and murdered his own people suddenly become America’s friend and ally? I would like to hear an answer to this question from Trump or his supporters.
It really amazes me how quickly Trump’s right-wing supporters fall in line with the president and repeat and echo his opinions even without any proof that what he is saying is true. Anyone who knows history knows that the people who follow strong leaders usually behave that way. I witnessed that myself when I took part in the occupation of former Nazi Germany in 1945 and 1946.

It really scared me when I was ordered as a member of the U.S. Army Signal Corps to go to Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Germany, for duty to help our Army occupy the territory of our former Nazi enemies. I won’t go into details, but I did get an opportunity to personally meet and relate with some of the people who had been our deadly enemies a few months previously.

Now they were just ordinary men and women who only wanted to cooperate and be friends with former enemies now occupying their country.  

The people who support Donald Trump support him because they see him as the “strong man” who should be ruling our nation. Thank God, I believe that the majority of us  Americans don’t think that way and I am hoping that our people will soon be ready to “throw Trump out.”