My original opinion piece titled “Welcome to Westchester, Comrades” (Nov. 16) was intended to applaud the ability of our local electorate to buck a disturbing trend and vote overwhelmingly to keep two good men in office; it was laudatory of our entire electorate.

The piece was not intended to disparage local Democrats, but rather pointed out that in Westchester County, the Democratic Party is being co-opted by a movement that seeks to abolish property rights, nationalize industry and despises capitalism. Many good people from both parties voted for and against Rob Astorino for many different reasons. So let us dispense with the sanctimonious selective outrage, which for some is nothing more than a blatant attempt at subterfuge. Those who in response have angrily pronounced their fervent support of capitalism, private property rights, self-sufficiency and patriotism have completely missed the point.

I am not calling for the ouster of those who vocalize opposing positions; I’m asking for them to speak up and specify, as I have done. In my subsequent piece, “Answers” (Dec. 7),  I defined the positions of our local Republican party under my helm. Likewise, I would ask the Democrats to step out and do the same.

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