Kingsley’s is back! 

After recuperating from a fire in early February, the local deli and pizzeria is back serving its devoted customers and now features an updated infrastructure with a new look.

It can be hard for any small business to deal with major unforeseen problems like a fire and Kingsley’s depended on the community for its support to get through the last few months.
“We appreciate the people waiting while we were under construction and glad to see many of them already came back,” manager

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Pete Mendola said. “They were driving by every day, checking to see whether or not the door was open. They’re devoted customers and I see them as devoted neighbors.”
According to Mendola, the Feb. 4 fire was caused by an electrical malfunction involving the freezers located in the back of the store. Fire, water and smoke damage kept the building shuttered for months.

But out of the ashes rose “a state-of-the-art deli,” according to Mendola.

Kingsley’s now features brand-new equipment with a double pizza oven, a pizza work station, a new grill, a 10-foot salad case, a to-go case for grab-and-go items and a new cold cut case.

“Nothing is brought in in boxes or frozen; we prepare everything fresh,” Mendola said.
Because of the fire, the walls had to be torn down to the studs and new wiring was put in along with new plumbing and a new ceiling. The drywall was replaced and new lighting was installed with a new electrical board.

Mendola saw the fire as a blessing in disguise for the restaurant, which was built in 1958.
“It’s a blessing because the place needed it…but the curse is everything had to be up to code,” Mendola said.

Kingsley’s owners spent a significant amount of money on the upgrades to meet town code.
A formal grand reopening will be planned this summer with a barbecue for the community. Visit for store hours and more information.