In addition to the newest remodeling of the North Salem School District Website, administrators of the District School Communication Committee have developed a new way of providing scholastic information to audiences of students, teachers and parents alike; they have created an app. 

“One of the goals of our District School Communication Committee,” said Julio Vasquez, Director of HR/Curriculum “was to make sure that we had more than a website.” 

The app was created in collaboration with Blackboard, an educational technology company, which had already been working within the school to send out alerts to parents when there have been snow days, or delays, etc. While the app does not contain the entirety of the information provided on the district website, it does have the information that administrators have deemed “important” and “frequently visited” for their audiences. 

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The new app has three screens, the first screen displays pictures and the “Top Stories” from both campuses. This screen also has buttons for anonymous alerts, the athletic calendar and the district calendar. The other two pages are a bunch of other useful buttons; there are the lunch menus for both schools, directories, Parent Portal, a link to the twitter page and a link to the original school website, and even access to the library databases among other links for both the Middle School/High School and the Elementary school. 

“We didn’t want to re-create the website,” Vasquez said. “We just wanted to provide the audience with easy access to whatever they visit most frequently.”

Additionally, the app has notifications for updates and any urgent school news. 

The initial cost for the district app was $4,020 broken down as $1,000 for the app, $1,500 for the implementation, $320 for the training and $1,200 for the launch. 

With the new launch of the app, the administrators have gotten positive feedback and suggestions on how to make it even better. 

“What we have here existing on the district app isn’t set in stone,” Vasquez said. “As time goes on, if we hear feedback like ‘Oh, that’s not really that important,’ it’s going to evolve.”

The district app is available on Apple and android devices. It is free for the public to use as an “immediate way to get in touch in terms of what is going on at the school district.”