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Eliminate Money From the Climate-Change Equation

Letter to the editor:

The declaration that global warming and climate change are “settled science” is an admission of the fear by its proponents that continuing scientific study and open discussion by the many scientists opposed to that proposition will yet discredit the premise. All scientists are aware that science is never settled and is always open to change as new information arises, as in the case of Einstein’s work which disproved one of Sir Isaac Newton’s accepted theories.

It would be quite simple to find out if global warming and climate change are legitimate assertions or instead issues that are “man-made”: Just take the money out of the equation. Many scientists are receiving federal grant money to provide support for their questionable conclusions. In point of fact, a weather observatory in England actually falsified its results to reinforce warming fears. Then there is Al Gore, the guru of the movement who became a multi-millionaire selling “green credits” to corporations that were frightened by the public perception that they were polluters. Would someone who believed actually allow pollution in order to make a profit by selling a “green credit?” Gore did and he over-utilizes energy himself and claims he can do that because he buys green credits from himself. Really?

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Just STOP ALL OF THE PAYMENTS ! No American taxpayer dollars going to foreign countries in payment for our supposed climatological sins. Mo more cash grants to scientists influenced by the allure of dollars to sway their conclusions. Finally, outlaw the sale of “green credits” to corporations, which in actuality encourages pollution. The probability is that you will never hear of global warming or climate change again. Just remove THE MONEY FROM THE EQUATION.

Over thousands of years the Earth’s climate has gone through innumerable changes, both before and after the appearance of human beings or modern technology. Watching the weather news each day one can see that most of the heat records were set in the 1940s and 1950s and some even earlier. In fact, measurable shifts in the Earth’s axis due to the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 and the 2011 Japan tsunami are believed to have had an affect on climatic weather.

According to Professor Richard Tol of the University of Sussex, the UN Intergovernmental Climate Change Committee’s (UNICCC) claim that 97 percent of scientists agree on man-made climate change was based on a poll of only 77 scientists. Hardly convincing when compared to a study by climatologist Dr. David Legates of the University of Delaware who reviewed studies showing that only 1 percent of 4,014 scientists who wrote abstracts on the subject concluded that there was any affect by humans on the climate.

Examination of Ice Age data shows that carbon dioxide levels were 10 times higher at that time than they are today, which bolsters the claim of some scientists who believe that warming is caused by water vapor and not by carbon dioxide at all.
So let’s take the corrupting influence of trillions of dollars off the table and observe as the flim-flam deflates and releases actual hot air.

Sy Globerman
North Salem

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