To the editor,

In response to last week’s article on North Salem schools’ reaction to the Parkland tragedy, we respectfully disagree with the school’s official statement that North Salem’s students are not interested in standing up for change in gun control laws. To be clear, many of us are standing up for our belief that gun control laws need to be changed. We are standing up proactively, not passively. These are the sentiments at the heart of North Salem’s March for Our Lives movement.

We have listened to countless members of the student body and we have heard, loud and clear, the desire expressed by many for a peaceful way to protest and the desire for a platform to both help elevate the words of Parkland students as well as communicate our ideas.

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We, as students, have seen no change. No pushback. We have orchestrated this act of peaceful civil disobedience to do what we believe the adults in our government have failed to do, and advocate for common sense gun laws.

On March 14, we will leave our classrooms for individual, deeply personal reasons, united by one passion: the need to respond to the tragedy of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. For many of us, we will leave because we believe that the lives of our children take precedence over the rights of gun enthusiasts. Because we’re tired of words and no action.

Our civil disobedience is meaningless if it serves no purpose, if it doesn’t unearth painful, yet undeniably important, conversation.

We are not scared. We will not cower. We will not bend. We stand because of our love of this country, to protect our people. We stand with change.