NORTH SALEM, N.Y. - The North Salem boys tennis team had a tough go against KEIO Academy Saturday, April 20 at the Hardscrabble Tennis Club.

North Salem was only able to manage one game victory in three singles matches and the doubles affair.  But the Tigers and coach Kevin Kumerle certainly knew going in what they were up against.

“They’re one of the best teams in the state, and there was not much we could expect,” Kumerle said. 

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The sole victory went to Steven Prosperino. The lopsided score, though, wasn’t entirely commensurate with the manner in which the Tiger’s ground strokes went to toe to toe with Kaoru Nakamura.

“There were a lot of big hits, good rallies and deuce games,” said Prosperino.

Unfortunately, he could not keep pace with his opponent’s overpowering serve.

“It was pretty tough,” said Prosperino.

The more consistent play and good shot placement had Prosperino gasping too.

“He kept me running around pretty well too,” he said.

Two courts over, Timmy Woelfly also got the run around from Ryo Sakai.

“He’s a whole other level,” said Woelfly. 

Still, Woelfly welcomed the chance to play against this type of competition and see what it will take to get better. The shutout didn’t have Woelfly feeling empty either.

“I tried to stay in every point and even won a few volleys,” Woelfly said.

The reserved boast was nothing to dismiss either, according to Jeff Nerenberg, KEIO’s varsity tennis coach.

“He faced one of the most complete tennis players in New York State,” Nerenberg said. “He can play from the baseline, attack or defend or both.” 

Nonetheless, Nerenberg still had praise for Woelfly.

“He had a very positive attitude, competed very well and showed a strong forehand,” Nerenberg said

Eric Lang was just happy to get on the court. Sliding into the starting lineup and seamlessly letting the drubbing roll off the team’s wristband, he took the day as positive.

“This was a fun and good experience,” Lang said.