Recently we’ve noticed that life is moving at lightning speed; In the blink of an eye, the kids are grown. Since we can’t stop time, we will endeavor to slow dow nand to spend more time in the moment enjoying our families and friends. We will attempt to stop rushing through each conversation so we can get that next (tedious) task accomplished. And that’s where some of our favorite life hacks come in. A life hack, as defined by Urban Dictionary is, “A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.” So, let’s all slow down and enjoy the moment with this week’s Diversions which highlight a few of our favorite local life hacks:

Dinner Made Easy: Who’s Cooking (Croton Falls): What do you do when you just don’t feel like cooking dinner but the family says no to another pizza delivery? Easy! Stop into Who’s Cooking and pick up a wholesome, fully prepared entree, quiche, sandwich, wrap, panini, soup or salad. You’re happy, the kids are happy—it’s a win-win!

Why We Love It: Because as long as it’s not us, we don’t care who’s cooking! Locally Grown Greens All Year Round.

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Field Goods at Hayfields (North Salem): Love your locally grown, organic fresh fruits and veggies, but (now that the summer season is gone) you just can’t find the time to visit the indoor farmer’s markets? No worries, because you can pick up your Field Goods at Hayfields. Field Goods is a local produce delivery service that has a drop site at Hayfields. After signing up, you receive a weekly bag full of five to eight different types of fruits and vegetables from over 80 of our local New York small farms. Winter bounty includes an array of frozen produce, mushrooms, apples, root veggies (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, winter squash), greenhouse products and more.

Why We Love It: Because fresh organic fruits and veggies are good for our tables, and locally grown is good for our environment!

Workout in a Pinch: Sworkit ( We all know the deal—staying fit requires a regular workout routine. If only we could find the time to get to the gym or that exercise class. Enter Sworkit, the app that lets you choose the amount of time you have to exercise, what kind of workout you want, and then (from the convenience of your home) you do what Sworkit tells you to do. We think it’s the perfect exercise hack.

Why We Love It: Because we may be lazy, but even WE can find 5 minutes for this intense (but fun) arm and abs workout. Laundry Help: Mahopac Launderaid (Mahopac): You’re going away for the weekend, and you don’t have time to attack the laundry monster overflowing from your hamper. Why not drop off your wash right after you drop the dog at the kennel? What??! That’s right—upon your return—not only will you will have a dog that is thrilled to see you, but your laundry will be cleaned, fluffed and folded! Mahopac Launderaid offers a drop off laundry service for only $1 per pound!

Why We Love it: Because now we don’t have to rewash that laundry that we left wet in the washer for three days.