(NORTH SALEM, N.Y.) -- Ever see a Broadway play? Or watch the news on TV? Well, local high school student Victoria Daros went behind the scenes of two Broadway productions and a TV show to shadow makeup artist Brandalyn Fulton for her senior year O.P.T.I.O.N.S project. During her presentation on June 6, Daros described the hectic life of a makeup artist. 

“The tasks of a makeup artist are a lot more than people think. Most people think it’s just the application, but you have to kind of design the person’s face. You also want to collaborate with the client so that they know they will feel confident and pretty,” said Daros. 

She learned about the tasks of a makeup artist through her internship, where she went backstage at “The Lion King,” “Wicked,” and a Fox Business show called “Mornings with Maria.” Daros explained that TV makeup and stage makeup are entirely different, and she feels lucky to have experienced both. 

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Originally, Daros was unsure about pursuing makeup for her project. She was considering an internship in psychology or theater, but ultimately decided on makeup.

“I thought, depending on which direction I went with makeup, I could learn about theater too,” she said, “Plus, I do my own makeup everyday, I help my friends out.”

It was her prior experience and passion for makeup that drove Daros to get in touch with mentor Fulton. Fulton works at Purchase College teaching a makeup class and did her internship at Juilliard.

“That was really cool,” Daros commented. “That’s a very prestigious school, and it was really great to work with her because she’s worked in some many aspects of makeup and has so many connections.” 

It was through Fulton’s connection that Daros was able to meet Lady Gaga’s mother. While observing Fulton prep the crew of “Mornings with Maria,” Daros interacted with Gaga’s mother, a guest on the show.

“She [Gaga’s mother] complimented me on my makeup, which was cool,” Daros chucked. 
Not only did Daros experience makeup artistry from a TV standpoint, but was able to go backstage at the “The Lion King” and “Wicked”and see how everything worked there.  

“Being able to go backstage of “Wicked”, that was really exciting for me because I’ve seen the show like five times,” Daros beamed.
Daros took a lot away from watching Fulton on the set of “Mornings with Maria” and behind the Broadway show stages, learning about the essentials of makeup artistry. 

“Being confident is a very big part of it… be confident in your own abilities,” Daros explained. “If you’re second guessing your work, they [the client] will be second guessing your work.”

In addition, Daros insists keeping calm is a crucial part of the job.

“You have to be able to work with whatever comes at you because that goes along with keeping the client comfortable,” she said.
During the presentation, Daros spoke of Fulton facing time restraints, difficult clients, and confined working space. Not only was Daros observant of her mentor’s interpersonal skills and working style, but also how those traits applied to the art of makeup.
“Especially when working with TV you might have five minutes to do the makeup,” she said. “One of the things my mentor taught me was doing the eyes first because they are the most detailed.  That’s a really great way to do that. I also learned that if you are in a rush, you can powder their face while walking,” Daros added.

After shadowing and observing her mentor, Daros finally had some hands-on action at the Hoboken High School production of “Peter Pan.” Daros was tasked with doing makeup for Wendy, Tiger Lily, and a few of Captain Hook’s fellow pirates. 
Daros collaborated with the actress who played Tiger Lily, and together they found a look suitable for the character. The younger actors who played pirates proved to be more difficult clients. 

“The kids were in fourth and fifth grade, I was doing black eyeliner around their eye and because they aren’t used to it they were squinting and making it difficult, you have to adapt to that,” Daros explained. “It was so great to apply what I learned.”

Daros’ internship was perfect preparation for the final portion of her project; the trial run of her cousin’s wedding makeup.
“I thought that was a really great way to apply my skills,” she said. “I was able to collaborate with my cousin a lot.” Daros also mentioned that she used her mentor’s application process of  doing the eyes first and the rest of the face last.  When Daros completed the makeup, her cousin was happy.

“It was really great to feel she liked it,” she said.