SOMERS, N.Y. - Olympic athletes aren’t spotted every day, nor are they interactive with the public on a consistent basis. 

American pentathlete Eli Bremer will be giving the Somers community the opportunity to gain valuable insight on how to live a healthy lifestyle and about his breathtaking road to becoming a top-ranked Olympian. 

Throughout his pentathlon career, the Colorado native Bremer has qualified for 12 world teams and has won three Pan-American Championships. 

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Bremer has been ranked inside the Top 5 pentathletes worldwide from 2006-2008 and won a bronze medal for the United States at the World Cup Final of 2008. 

As a pentathlete, he participated in the five original Greek sports of swimming, fencing, horse riding, running and pistol shooting, which is conducted all in one day during Olympics. 

In his 30-minute speech, Bremer will detail the importance of nutrition on physical training for both athletes and for people seeking improved health and fitness. 

“With the health crisis that’s facing our country right now, people want to know what we can do to make ourselves healthier,” Bremer said, “because everyone’s deductibles are going up on their health insurance plans and Americans are still getting sicker. We know for sure that our lifestyle choices are a big part of what drives our healthcare cost.”

The Olympian then delved into his experience on the grand stage and how he persevered through improbable circumstances to reach the feat. 

When Bremer was 13 years old, his parents recommended that he quit sports and focus on playing piano since his athletic skills were not developing. 

An unlikely prospect to transform into one of the best athletes in the world, he forged through his fair share of setbacks. 
In 2004, Bremer broke his foot going into trials, and while already considered one of the top athletes in the world in 2008, he endured a concussion from a whiplash injury during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. 

He persisted through it all to achieve a long list of major awards before retiring from competition in 2013. 
“Most people have a misconception that Olympians are just naturally gifted superhumans,” Bremer said. “Which I can assure you that I’m not.”

In the majority of cases though, people can simply benefit from the speech by discovering how to maintain better health.  
“By learning healthier skills and techniques, people can live a healthier lifestyle,” Bremer said. “I’ve worked with many Olympians, but it’s just as rewarding if not more so for the average person to figure out how to make their life better.”

To teach this, Bremer plans to teach the proper physiology of the human body by exposing popular diet fads such as what to really eat after a workout to give you more energy for the next day of workout. 

The youngest of three boys, Bremer tried to tag along with his brothers on the swim team in his local club as an 8-year-old, but wasn’t quite good enough.

He went through two years of swimming lessons before making the team and discovering his excitement for the sport. 

At age 13, Bremer saw his brothers lose interest for swimming, but that was when his parents suggested that the overweight Eli should stop playing sports.

Instead, he decided to quit playing piano and continue to swim. Bremer took it seriously, beginning to swim morning and night each day before hitting a growth spurt a year later.

A pentathlete training recruiter that was after his brothers on the swim team from years ago came back to Bremer and finally inquired his participation. 

From there, he took off to also become a stand-out cross-country star in high school before accepting an offer to attend the Air Force Academy while being a part of their swimming and fencing teams.     

Back in 2011, the fitness expert founded the Pure Performance Team sponsorship program for Shaklee Corporation, a billion-dollar health supplement company.  

The program makes it easier for major brands to connect with a great number of athletes, and about 100 of them are established Olympians. 

Bremer continues to make public presentations for the company, as that’s what lands him in Somers. 

“We have an ultra-pure product line that a lot of Olympians like because they get drug tested all the time,” Bremer said. “We have one of the largest collection of Olympic athletes in the world. Shaklee is very supportive a doing community outreach as well.”

Bremer is scheduled to speak from 2:30-4 p.m. Saturday, June 30, at Krav Maga, 2 Scott Drive in Somers, next to Il Forno restaurant. Later that day, at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 30, he will be speaking at the Somers Independence Day Block Party, 1 Pepsi Way, at the Pure Performance Table sponsored by Shaklee Distributors.

The event at Krav Maga free and open to the public but space is limited and reservations should be made at