NORTH SALEM, N.Y.— The Pequenakonck Elementary School kindergartners and the ONE CUB Kindness Initiative celebrated Earth Day on April 22 by performing acts of kindness to help the ecology of the planet.

As part of ONE CUB’s school/home connection, students brought home two green leaves which they used to write their earth-friendly acts of kindness.  PQ’s young learners recycled, saved water by turning off the faucet while they brushed their teeth, cleaned up litter and helped their parents in the garden.  After cutting the leaves out, the kindergartners brought them back to school.  Each leaf was read aloud to the class followed by a cheer for helping keep our planet clean.

All the leaves were collected and displayed on the ONE CUB tree mural, which is now flourishing with the kind acts of North Salem’s kindergartners in celebration of Earth Day and springtime!

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ONE CUB’s school/home connection provides an opportunity for parents and their children to work as a team for kindness and our planet benefits from their cooperative efforts on this project.

ONE CUB’s mission is to empower students with the knowledge that they can make a difference in our world through kindness.

Article courtesy of Britt Togonon and Lisa Finer