Play Ball!

The old scoreboard at the Middle/High School. Credits: Sue Guzman
The new scoreboard manfactured by Eversan Inc. that will be installed at the Middle/High School field in time for the season opener. Credits: Photo Courtesy of Eversan Inc.

NORTH SALEM, N.Y.— Starting in April, the Class C State Champion North Salem baseball team will have a working scoreboard for the first time in three years.

For the past few years, if anyone wanted to know what the Tigers score was, they’d have to either keep a tally themselves or ask someone else when they got to the game.

Now, thanks to funding from the North Salem Athletic Booster Club, The Baseball and Softball Association, and the North Salem Central School District, the new scoreboard has been purchased and is expected to be installed in time for the first home varsity game on April 1.

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“There’s a lengthy list of things that are not in the athletic budget,” said Valerie Littenberg, president of the North Salem Athletic Booster Club. “Because we worked together, there’s a really good synergy that we can do good things as a community when we step up,” she said.

The North Salem Athletic Booster Club kicked in $2,500 to pay for the $7,000 scoreboard. The rest was split among the other two groups.The scoreboard is manufactured by Eversan Inc., an American-based manufacturer, something Littenberg is proud of. “We wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said.

  The new scoreboard is 14 feet tall, five feet wide and six inches deep, slightly smaller than the existing scoreboard located at the high school field. Unlike the old scoreboard, which Littenberg says was magnet-based and became inefficient in heavy winds and when dust and grime built up, the new one offers some more modern features.

The model that’s been purchased is an ultra-bright wide-angle outdoor LED model with 18-inch lights and displays the home and guest score, balls and strike indicators and a 140-degree viewing angle. It also offers a wireless remote control console for scorekeepers and offers a five-year warranty.

Another plus, she said, is that the board is made up of several interlocking sections, which will enable it to be easily disassembled if problems arise and there needs to be troubleshooting.

The scoreboard will also feature  a panel reading “Home of the North Salem Tigers, 2016 Class C NY State Champions.” Littenberg says the booster club and others have decided not to include a “donated by” panel on it.

The North Salem Athletic Booster Club hosts a number of fundraisers each year, the proceeds of which are used to finance a variety of athletic supplies not provided for by the school district. They include the popular Winter Wonderland Dinner Dance, a basketball tournament in January that raises funds, homecoming and Salemfest.

“This was really important for us to do for our athletes,” Littenberg said, “Seventy percent of students in North Salem play sports-baseball, lacrosse and soccer.” She added, “If we can’t have a new turf field, at least we can start the season with a brand new scoreboard.”

“We cannot wait for the new scoreboard to be installed.  I, as well as the baseball team and coaches, are grateful to the North Salem Booster Club and to the North Salem Baseball/Softball Association for their very generous donation,” said North Salem Athletic Director Henry Sassone.

The season home opener is April 1, a Saturday, at 11 a.m. versus Keio Academy.

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