NORTH SALEM, N.Y.— While the snow this winter has been few and far between, kindergarten students at Pequenakonck Elementary School have created a Rainbow of Compliments Snowball Tree to not only mark the season, but also celebrate and honor the legacy of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As part of their project, and to honor King and his dream, the book, “A Rainbow of Friends” by P.K. Hallinan, was shared with each class to celebrate every child’s uniqueness and make the world a “better place for all.”

The meaning of a compliment was discussed with the students as part of the school’s “Be Kind” initiative.

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Each kindergartener was assigned a classmate and took home a colorful sheet of paper with two snowballs drawn on it.  After writing two kind things about their friend, the children cut out the snowballs and returned them to school. Every snowball compliment was read aloud, filling the classrooms with lots of smiles!   PQ’s kindergarten paraprofessionals Lisa Finer, Claudia Badia, Carole Galligan and Britt Togonon created a tree of rainbow snowballs filled with heart-warming compliments from one kindergartener to another, with everyone included. A happy heart is an important thing to have!

The ONE CUB Kindness Initiative is an ongoing program with an emphasis on empowering the kindergarteners with the knowledge that they can make a difference in our world through acts of kindness.