Alvin Lobell, in his letter to the editor of Aug.10, attempts to give us food for thought, but unfortunately it provided little to no nourishment.

In the lofty words of Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” Mr. Lobell fashions himself to be the arbiter of who are the “madmen” and who are the “blind.” The only problem is that the facts fail to support his assignment of those terms.

I would contend that those who have followed the quest for globalism at the cost of American jobs, at the expense of our currently diminished standard of living and those who sent American taxpayers’ dollars circling the globe are those who in actuality are the “madmen.” Meanwhile the “blind” are composed of global elitists, the ignorant and disconnected Hollywood crowd, the dishonest media, the pseudo intellectuals and the radical proselytizing college professors.

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In contrast, the hard-working individuals who Hillary Clinton termed the “deplorables” are really the backbone of our society.

They built America not by running their mouths but by the sweat of their brows. At the last election, they tired of watching their country slip away from the Constitutional principles upon which it was founded, as the Democrat Progressives ignored them and instead backed every group that found fault with our country.

After eight years of the glib speeches of President Obama, who stifled our economy while failing miserably to fulfill our role as “leader of the free world,” those people who Mr. Lobell designates as the “blind” were able to “see” the disastrous direction in which the progressive policies of the Democrats were taking us.

They saw a world which was far less stable, a North Korean existential nuclear threat and an Iran only years away in following this example as a result of the feckless President Obama’s ill-conceived and enabling “Iran deal” which also gave Iran $400,000,000 to promote the terrorism of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Mr. Lobell’s “blind” also watched as their factories closed and entire industries were diminished as a result of trade treaties which enriched the world at their expense.

For all his clumsiness and novice errors, President Trump has exhibited a sense of where our policies, both domestic and foreign, have gone far astray and is now attempting to seek the required remedial solutions. As a result, the “blind” rewarded Trump because he made clear his intentions and demonstrated his reverence for our time-honored American values.

By contrast, the Democrats have shown their preference for law enforcement haters; illegal aliens; rioters; paid, masked, club-wielding agitators and those who are preventing free speech and the exchange of ideas on our college campuses. Democrat supporters must be so proud of these miscreants, but they don’t reflect the values that built America. No wonder that people in seven Democrat-controlled states voted for Trump, due to their distaste for what can now be termed the “ruination of a once proud political party” that could boast of John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman among its ranks.

So, in effect, the Democrat Progressives are the ones who are doing damage to our country and we have constitutionally elected a neophyte president whose task it is to save us from  further degradation by the “madmen” of the left.

The value of Mr. Lobell’s opinions are highly suspect when he extols the former head of the FBI, who in fact failed in his duties by following Attorney General Lynch’s order to term Hillary Clinton’s illegal actions a “matter” when in fact he admitted it was an investigation and then further disgraced himself by recommending against prosecution when the FBI is an investigative body and NOT a prosecutorial one suited to make that decision. At best, he was incompetent, and at worst, he was a puppet of Lynch, the Obama Administration and the Clintons; otherwise known as a political operative and a stain on the glorious history of the FBI.

To paraphrase Shakespeare’s “King Henry IV” as he led his men into battle, “When your children and your grandchildren ask what you did when you went to vote after President Obama and the Democrats left a flailing America and a destabilized world following eight years of disastrous policies and Hillary Clinton promised more of the same, you will be able to tell them that you chose a greater and better future for America on that day.”  

Sy Globerman
North Salem