Last week started on a happy note with the American promise to open its embassy in Jerusalem finally fulfilled.  The several most recent American Presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama had each sworn in turn to deliver on this promise while they were running for president.  But as soon as each man arrived in power, the denizens of the swamp convinced them to forget his promise.  No matter if the president was foresworn on such an issue.   As though lying to the electorate was no matter at all—expected, really. And as a result, the populace grew ever more cynical.    

Instead, they each used the hope of a normalized embassy in Jerusalem as a negotiation tool in the ongoing “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians.   And since peace between Israel and the Palestinians is always “processing” but never arrives, for the last three decades, the promise of the embassy turned out to be more of a stick than a carrot, a way only to extract concessions from Israel until President Trump arrived on the scene.  

How odd that it has turned out that Trump, so prone to lying he could do it in his sleep, is the only president in the last few decades who had the cojones to face down the conventional wisdom of the Washington swamp and to fulfill the promise he gave to his voters.  

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And how did the Washington press report this?  Not wanting to report a win for the Trump administration, they instead spent the day trumpeting that while Republicans and Israelis celebrated, Gaza was burning.  They ghoulishly gloated about the rising death toll from the border, 40 miles away, as though every death of a Palestinian was a body blow to Trump.  How upsetting for them the next day when it turned out that the leadership of Hamas claimed 50 dead warriors and Islamic Jihad claimed another three.  Thus, at least 53 of the 62 were terrorists.  

The Egyptians were so furious with the carnage that they called in Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh to Cairo in person.   There, General Intelligence Service head Maj. Gen. Abbas Kamel rebuked Haniyeh for instigating violent demonstrations on the border—promising to pay the rioters in cash—that ended with such a high death toll.  
So why does our own press act like they would rather support Hamas’ propaganda efforts than note that President Trump had a win?  

The same story happened later that week when the president referred to the members of MS-13, who do terrible things to people, as animals.  This is a gang that regularly tortures and murders their victims, beating some to death, raping women to death, pulling out hearts. “MS-13’s mottos is ‘Mata, roba, viola, controla’ (Kill, steal, rape, control).
And yet the press goes out of its way to misreport President Trump’s words, to pretend that when he was referring to MS-13 as animals, he was speaking in general about immigrants, when nothing could be further than the truth.  

Why on earth would the mainstream media want to provide any positive coverage to the MS-13 gang?  Why would Nancy Pelosi want to stress that each member of MS-13 had a divine spark?  Did she suddenly become a theologian?  Why defend these murderers at all?  

What do they think this looks like to the general public?  It looks like they hate President Trump so much, they would rather say good things about MS-13, then agree with anything he says.  

I can’t end my column without mentioning the small tornado that ripped through our beautiful town on May 15, leaving tremendous damage in its wake.  Even as I write, many are still without power.  

On that day, in the late afternoon, I  was working on my back porch when, out of nowhere, the winds picked up.  They began to blow, tossing high branches in the trees from right to left and back again in a way I have never seen in my life.  Even as I scrambled to get four pets, a computer and a camera inside the house, the wind blew so hard that two thirds of an enormous maple tree half way between house and garden snapped right off the tree and fell onto the lawn.  And down the hills from where I had just been sitting, an entire grove of evergreen trees fell over, some broken off from their trunks, others pulled up by the roots.  

Later that evening, a Facebook post from the North Salem News went around alerting the community that school was canceled because 70 percent of the road had become impassable.  We learned  only the next day that a North Salem Fine

Arts teacher, Lauren Svendsen, had tragically lost her life when the car she was driving in Fairfield, Conn., was hit by a tree.

 Rest in peace.  

Mara Schiffren, a Campus Watch Fellow, is a Writer and Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach who lives in North Salem