(Apologies to the New Yorker, our Christmas poem’s a corker!)

Tis the season to be merry
and all else is secondary.
Whether Christian, Buddhist, Jew,
Muslim, Druid or Hindu—
joy should never be exclusive
so our greeting is inclusive.
If you’re Team Judah or Team Jesus
Irving Berlin’s sure to please us.
And this spirit will not fail ‘em
the good people of North Salem.

We may differ on our views, 
but we love to read good news:
Hark! The Girl Scouts get a shout,
for our Vets they went all out.
And Pam Pooley with Boy Scouts plot
a garden from a parking lot.
John Jay swimmers, oh so cool,
winning trophies in the pool.
Many plaudits Ben Aybar,
may your voice be heard afar.
Tigers, Tigers burning bright!
Go North Salem, keep it tight.

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Days grow short as snow is near
Warren Lucas keeps roads clear.
Donna Taylor and committee
dress a tree that’s oh-so-pretty.
Peggy Lynch with daughters bake
cookies, cookies and a cake.
Linda Gabrielsen spends her time
helping neighbors by fighting crime.
Ladies ordering romances,
Self-help books for second chances,
Kids who have to read for teacher,
Folks who crave the new Jack Reacher,
Caroline, Kathleen, Phyllis, Liz and Chris,
they can cope with all of this!
Friends of Karen we will cheer
for helping sick kids thru the year.
And our hearts were really thumping
at events with horses jumping.

Our wish to all of you
Keep it good and keep it true.
Here’s to laughter, here’s to bliss,
family togetherness.
May your joys prove evergreen—
Best and blessed two-oh-nineteen.