It’s no secret-- we all love to shop.  Well, most of us do! Perhaps more than just shop, we love a bargain, and the feeling you get when you’re the first to know, or scored something special, and when time is of the essence.  What does this sound like to you?  To me, I hear outlet sale, tent sale, barn sale or warehouse sale.  It doesn’t matter which one, they’re all good for the savvy shopper with the most perseverance, dedication, and the most able to keep their eye on the prize.
With many wonderful traditional shopping options in our area, we are fortunate to be within a short drive to a number of wholesale operations that, when you pay attention, and often only once a year, open their doors to us, the general public, for that holy grail; the annual sale.
Sale dates do not follow the same calendar; often you need to be “in the loop;” a Facebook follower, on the mailing list, and hear it through word of mouth.  Some advertise in the local paper or in social media groups.  It’s important to “follow” the brands you like and get on their email list so you don’t risk missing “insider” events.
Traditionally, these sales are a few times a year; often prior to the holiday season in November/December, and maybe one in the spring.  Some host charity benefit sales that fall anywhere on the calendar, hence the advice above, you have to pay attention to the brand.  Since we are halfway through this year, several big ones have passed, but there is plenty of time between now and the holiday season to plan for the ones that remain.
My list for this year includes these faves:
Casafina Warehouse Sale
301 Fields Lane, Brewster, NY
Since 1988, the owners of this luxurious tabletop and accessories brand have been designing and importing Portuguese ceramics which are sold at the nation’s top retailers and boutiques.  Over the years they’ve added European linens, soaps and glassware.  Sold only to the trade, four times a year they open for a long weekend of deep discounts to the general public.  They promote sales actively via email and in local papers.
Why I love it:

Because their collections are stunning and timeless.  Because there is always an element of surprise to their offerings; often they carry a line of European hand cream that is so rich and fragrant that I paid full price for the used tester!
Two’s Company Warehouse & Tent Sale
500 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY
Since 1969 this family owned home décor, gift and apparel company has been sourcing and designing unique, fun and creative products from around the globe.  There is truly a Two’s Company product for every price point and person.  They have a sale in June where everything is 50 percent off and then another usually in early December for charity.  This well-attended event is always fun and spirited as more merchandise gets unloaded while you shop.  Follow them on Facebook and get on their email list to be sure that you will be one of the first to know about the next sale.
Why I love it:
Because I bought a gorgeous dress for $10, and because while you wait in line to pay, there is a unique shopping etiquette; someone is always willing to watch your box of goodies while you run off to find another treasure.
Anne Koplik Designs, Inc. Showroom Sale & Flash Sales
173 Main Street, Brewster, NY
Full disclosure: I didn’t even know what this business was until a friend brought me to a showroom sale.  Of course, it was a transformative experience!  Another family owned business, this gem (pun intended) is worth a trip.  Their stunning Swarovski crystal jewelry was featured on “Dancing with the Stars” and the Red Carpet in Hollywood, but it is their unique (and all made in America!) enamel and crystal collections that get me every time.  Necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, watches, pill boxes, the list is endless.  There are sales throughout the year and flash sales pop up in my inbox when I least expect them to.  Follow them on Facebook but being on their email list is key for being in the know.
Why I love it:
Because their pieces are timeless, unusual and at every price point make the best gifts ever.
Island Designs by Harry Haslett/Christian Livingston Collection Warehouse Sale
5F W. Cross Street, Hawthorne, NY
My last but not least pick of the day, family owned since 1987, Island Designs’ Warehouse Sales (2x/year) are my go-to spot for fashion jewelry, scarves and handbags.  Always fresh and fun, this collection has an ethnic and artistic style.  Always good samples to choose from and often a free gift with purchase.
Why I love it:
Because their products also make great gifts for friends, family and teachers.  The pricing is good enough that I can buy one for them, one for me.
Other local sales worth watching and attending:
Zwilling JA Henckels LLC Warehouse Sale
270 Marble Avenue, Pleasantville 
Wusthof Outlet Store Sale
333 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk 
Dooney & Bourke Tent Sale
1 Regent Street, Norwalk 
Juliska Tent Sale
465 Canal Street, Stamford