To former Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly from World War II Veteran T-5 Corporal Herbert F. Geller

Dear General Kelly:  I want to begin this letter by greeting you as a fellow U.S. veteran. I served in Europe in World War II in England, France and Germany. I believe you served in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the conflict in Afghanistan and in other areas of the world where American military forces were under fire and where you participated in combat or policing operations against our foreign enemies. I honor you for your service to our nation, sir, and hope you are in good health and spirit to perform the tasks you have undertaken to serve as chief of staff to President Donald J. Trump.

I believe you did the right thing, sir, when you fired Anthony Scaramucci soon after he was appointed by President Trump to be communications aide to the President. Mr. Scaramucci disgraced himself by making inappropriate comments concerning U.S. officials which were recorded by the news media during the 11 days he served the president. Mr. Scaramucci showed himself to be a stupid, boastful bully during the time he served and offended the dignity of the United States. He certainly deserved to be fired.

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I don’t envy you, General, about the job you have undertaken to be the chief aide to President Trump. I must be honest and tell you that I believe our president’s character is similar to that displayed by Scaramucci. “Birds of a feather flock together,” as the saying goes. Our country is now being led by a man who has no ethics, no morals and no decency. If you don’t believe me, take a look at his record. I called him “a liar, a louse, a crook and a bum” when I attended the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia last summer.

I believe with all my heart that is true. For the sake of our country I wish it wasn’t true. Our president makes up statements about imaginary conversations with public leaders. He has been recorded boasting about how he grabbed women’s private parts. He has been the boss of businesses involved with more than 3,000 lawsuits. I called him “a bum” because that’s the way bums act and I said TTBO: Throw The Bum Out.

All I have stated is very true, General Kelly, but the question is, “What do we do now and what should you, sir, do now that you are serving as the chief aide to the president of the United States?” 

Many people have said that we should impeach him. I am very doubtful that we could easily draw up an impeachment charge against Mr. Trump. The process of impeachment might tear our nation apart and might not even be successful. Even though I believe Donald Trump deserves to be impeached, I don’t believe we should undertake such a drastic action now. 

I have been thinking of another alternative but, frankly, General, I don’t know if it can be done, and of course, President Trump and members of the present Republican Administration must be willing to agree to my suggestions. Here it is: President Trump and members of the present Republican Administration must be willing to cede all important government decisions to a special Super Committee headed by you, the chief of staff,  and Cabinet officials and chairs of the House and Senate committees. The president can voice his opinions about the government but he would not be able to overrule the opinions and rulings of the Cabinet members and the leaders of Congress.

The Cabinet members include the secretary of state, the attorney general, the secretary of defense, the secretary of the treasury, secretary of the interior, secretary of agriculture, secretary of commerce, secretary of labor, secretary of health and human services, secretary of housing and human development, secretary of transportation, secretary of energy, secretary of education, secretary of veterans affairs, and the secretary of homeland security. The leaders of Congress include the speaker of the House and president of the Senate and chairs of major House and Senate committees.