NORTH SALEM, N.Y.— With the harsh winter weather apparently behind us, we’re getting a closer look at the many potholes left behind and roadways in need of repair.

As part of the State Department of Transportation’s consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program known as CHIPS, Westchester County will receive $3.48 million to help repave its roads. Of that amount, North Salem is slated to receive $138,547, according to State Sen. Terrence Murphy. That’s an increase of more than $18,700 from the year before.

“If our roads crumble, so does our ability to attract new business to the Hudson Valley,” said Murphy, “As our towns and villages continue to grow, we need to make sure our roads are safe and trouble-free. I’ve always said there’s no Republican or Democratic way to fix a pothole - only the right way!  With an increase in funding, towns will be getting an additional bump to fix all those bumps in the roads.”

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The money is contained in the CHIPS, Extreme Winter Recovery (EWR) and Local PAVE-NY 2017-18 budget. Westchester County will get $3,484,677.68; Putnam County will receive $878,593.85, and Dutchess County will get $64,940.76.

North Salem Supervisor Warren Lucas said the town welcomes the additional money.

“The $138,000  will pave about 1/2 mile of narrow town roads.  If we include drainage, it will do about 1/3 mile.  To put that in perspective, in the past two years the town has spent $1.5 M in paving our roads.  The paving lasts on average about 12 years, often less,” he said.

Lucas noted the town has an estimated $97,000 in the 2017 budget for CHIPS funding. On April 11, the town board approved a resolution that will pave 1.41 miles of several town roadways.

Under the measure, Wheeler Road from Bogtown Road to Dead End will be repaved for a total of .64 miles.

Whittier Hills Road from Route 22 to Dead End will also get a facelift for a total of .77 mile.