As a longtime fan of Herb Geller's column, I would like to express my solidarity with his viewpoints on the current state of our nation. There was some backlash after Mr. Geller's mentioning Hillary Clinton's winning the popular vote—lots of rehashing of Clinton's bad campaign management, with no mention of the outside forces that certainly played a role, as well as a bit of ridicule for mentioning the electoral college, which is basically affirmative action for rural areas. President Trump agrees with this notion. Following the 2012 election of President Obama, Trump mistakenly believed that Obama had won the electoral college and lost the popular vote. He tweeted, "The phony Electoral College made a laughing stock out of our nation. The loser won!"  

I appreciate Mr. Geller's wit, something that I haven't seen much of from the other side. I also appreciate his service to our country. I guess I would just say, lighten up, people.

You don't have to attack everything Mr. Geller says with a Fox-like comeback from the other side. This is North Salem, not CNN.