To the editor:
People don’t listen very well anymore! Maybe there are too many distractions. Of course, the disingenuous, “fake news” media doesn’t help with its misdirection, misinterpretation and misrepresentations of the facts.

While campaigning, President Trump said he would end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and deport criminal illegal aliens. I don’t recall him saying he would deport DACA youngsters. True to his word, he has now indicated the end of the DACA program, while at the same time instructing Congress to legislate a solution. Failing that, he signaled that he would revisit the issue and that the youngsters had nothing to worry about. Now he has made it abundantly clear that he does NOT favor amnesty or citizenship, but only a mechanism that would allow these individuals to remain here.

By this action, he has actually done the DACA youngsters a great favor because when President Obama dictatorially created DACA, he admitted that his action was unconstitutional and was merely a temporary measure awaiting action by Congress. In fact, it is about to be challenged in a federal court. In ending the DACA program, President Trump is avoiding the court challenge and seeking a permanent fix.  So why all of the demonstrations and the negativity and outrage from the “fake news” media?

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Generally speaking, the American people are much too kind-hearted to deport 800,000 young people who have grown up here, been schooled here, made friendships here, speak fluent English and appear to be becoming productive participants in our society.

All other considerations aside, the Democrats want this because it increases their political power and they hope that some day these youngsters will be given the right to vote, which would result in the perpetual

Democrat sovereignty of America. At the same time, the Republicans want them to remain because their major supporters, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and a plethora of corporations want cheaper labor. By increasing the number of people in the labor market, the competition tends to lower wages.

Sy Globerman

North Salem