Nikos Kazantzakis, who taught us all how to embrace the madness of life in his classic novel, “Zorba the Greek,” explained that: “A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.” In addition to a college basketball tourney, we’ve found a few other ways to enjoy this month’s madness. So here is our list of “mad” diversions. Go ahead—cut that rope and set yourself free!

NCAA March Madness Live (iTunes): Download this awesome app and you can live stream all 67 games of March Madness on your iPad or iPhone anytime—anywhere! There are all sorts of extras, including live updates so you won’t miss one buzzer beater or early round upset. And it’s free!

Why We Love It: Because, whether you are in a boring meeting with the boss, on an endless line at the supermarket, or stuck on Metro North, you can make your escape—with access to every “shining moment” of this year’s NCAA men’s tournament.

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The John Dodd Hat Shop (Danbury): If you are mad as a hatter, you might be interested to know that in the 1800s, Danbury, Conn. was producing more hats than anywhere else in America and became known as Hat City with the motto: “Danbury crowns them all.” This thriving manufacturing bonanza had quite an economic impact on this neck of the woods (including Somers). On Saturdays, history and hat buffs alike can take a tour of this historical little shop, which is part of the Danbury Museum. 

Why We Love It: Because we enjoy hats, we look good in hats, and (as if that weren’t reason enough), we love local history!

Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (North Salem): The Ruth Keeler Memorial Library is looking for middle school-aged mad geniuses to join a team that will compete in this super cool contest, where students build elaborate devices that perform simple tasks. Teams will compete and winners will be crowned at the Lower Hudson Valley Engineering Expo on April 3. Coaches Eileen and John Diehl will lead the scientific madness, and can be contacted at

Why We Love It: Because even though we are crazy lazy (and therefore always searching out the easiest way to get stuff done) we love the irony of Rube Goldberg contests, which challenges young inventors to devise ridiculously complex, clever schemes to achieve the most basic of tasks.

Shear Madness (NYC): This off-Broadway comedy hit is set in a wacky New York hair salon (is there any other kind?) The madness and mayhem ensue when the old lady upstairs gets knocked off and the audience has to figure out whodunit. Theatergoers get to decipher clues and question the suspects to solve this mystery and the best part is that the outcome is different for every show!

Why We Love It: Because this sounds like spending a night at the theater with Agatha Christie, Vidal Sassoon, Colonel Mustard, and Tony and Tina, and we just love when we get to participate!

Museum of Arts and Design (NYC): The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is a small museum located in Columbus Circle which houses all mediums of contemporary and historic innovation in craft, art and design. They have the most interesting collections and displays in this often overlooked little gem of a museum.

Why We Love It: Because we love that there is a studio space in MAD, where you can actually chat with working artists and designers about their craft and hear all about their creative madness.