I feel confident in predicting that 2018 is not going to be a drought year. Don’t laugh, dear reader. At the moment, that’s barely a stretch. But I admit to having had a few predictions of the weather sort go ludicrously wrong this year. 

In mid-winter, I thought the mild weather we were enjoying at that point presaged a mildish spring. On that particular occasion, the weather turned before the week was out, before my article even made it into print. The winter immediately ceased being mild.  Then it felt like spring tarried forever, before finally emerging, shamefaced and very late, nearly in one coup. Since that prediction turned out to be ludicrously incorrect, I’ve learned more circumspection about my public betting.  

Still, with the deluge of rain we had last week, where the heavenly spigot would turn on at full blast then turn back off and then on again in what seemed like a completely random manner, it seems unlikely we are going to have a sustained water shortage later this August. Of course, each month is different and an entirely new weather system could blow its way in for the last few weeks.  However, I don’t foresee that the weather situation will turn so dire that we will have to fill the tractor up with big barrels of water and set out to water specific trees and vulnerable new plantings by hand.  In fact, this will be a year when all the new plantings thrive, unless a plague of snails arrives because of all the rain and eats everything just above the roots.  

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July was a lovely month, with stellar warm weather and mostly restrained humidity, making for lovely outdoor lounging, exercising  and great sleeping at night.  Pool parties for kids and adults, moonlit swimming, outdoor dining with friends and family, idling on pool floats, what could be more enjoyable?  Keep in mind, with the hard winter we endured this year, our summer fun was hard earned, paid for in advance, so profoundly satisfying.  In this particular moment in time, it is hard to recollect physically, in an embodied sense, that we will all be bundling up before too long.  Indeed, we are just halfway through.

So let us take time to stop and recall the blessings of Summer 2018 at this midway point, before she is no more. The masses of wild-growing blackberries; plump, red wine berries too numerous to consume.  

There’s nothing better than the feeling of ease you get from the land, where you can just step outside and pluck some basil or cucumbers or apricots for your noonday meal (and if this isn’t the best year for tomatoes in years, I will eat my hat). Where you can eat what the land produces, and play outside every single day, so that you feel in tune with the rising sun and the moon cycles, as she waxes and wanes, and the constellations of the stars. Where the wildflowers lead you forward to explore and the pools and lakes draw you to lounge in the water. Where masses of blossoms bloom in every season, spring, late, early summer, mid-summer and late summer, each flower long awaited and thoroughly enjoyed. And the magic of the earth and the moon, the planets and the stars in their revealed beauty is on display, every single day.  

This has been a wonderful summer so far.  May it continue long into Indian summer.  

Mara Schiffren, a Campus Watch Fellow, is a Writer and Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Clear Beliefs Coach who lives in North Salem.  You can reach her at mara.schiffren@gmail.com