(This week’s column is a response to a letter sent by Sy Globerman on a previous column by Herb Geller criticizing President Trump’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico.)

Dear Sy:
Thank you, thank you for your letter “Rebuttals in Absentia” in the Nov. 2 issue of the North Salem News. You really helped me, Sy. My editor told me that I didn’t send her my column for this week. I had been considering several alternative columns, but I picked up my new edition of the North Salem News and there was your new letter to the editor.

Goody, goody. Reading your letter was like tossing a fresh piece of meat to my late dog Sugar. Enough with the talk; here is my reply. 

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You accuse me of being a “co-chair of the North Salem Democratic Committee.” Not true now because my co-chair resigned and I’m trying to get a new co-chair. But you are absolutely right that I am that horrible thing, a “card-carrying devoted active Democrat.” If any one who reads my column didn’t know that, I suggest that he or she see an eye doctor.

Yes, Sy, you are right that I constantly propagandize and proselytize Democratic progressive positions and criticisms of Republican officials, particularly about President Trump. You forgot to add that. Yes, my views are highly biased, but I love to hear or read opposing opinions.  
Sugar would have liked that. Yum-yum.

As far as I know, Sy, you certainly can send you opinions of me or other comments to the North Salem News. Please do so. For your information, Sy, I tried to call you and write to you, too, but I was not successful. I even would like to challenge you to a debate. En garde!   

Of course, I would try to attack President Trump and his supporters where I think they are vulnerable.
I enthusiastically support State Sen. George Latimer, our Democratic candidate  (at press time) for county executive and I would like County Executive Rob Astorino to explain why privatizing Playland and the Westchester County Airport would benefit the county taxpayers. Wouldn’t it also benefit private interests that would run these important public facilities? Money, money; that’s how they make money.

So, my old friend Sy, please don’t faint but I fully support your request for a guest column in the North Salem News. I only ask that your column should appear once a week like my column appears. Thanks for sending me some fresh meat. 

Herb Geller