I certainly have not been a supporter or a friend of President Donald J. Trump. But even though I publicly called him “a liar, a louse, a crook and a bum,” I have never accused him of being a coward, but now I see that Trump has backed down on his proposal to limit gun sales to people 21 years of age or older.

Wayne LaPierre, the leader of the National Rifle Association, objected to any limitations on gun sales even for the deadly war weapon, the AR-15 assault rifle. Mr. Trump obeyed Mr. LaPierre and withdrew his proposal. Trump showed the world that he is afraid to defy the powerful leader of the National Rifle Association even for a proposal he made himself to try and reduce deaths or injuries inflicted by gun-crazy maniacs.

This is nothing new. Trump boasts about being a constant liar, so who could trust anything he advocates? It was bad enough when he was a private businessman who acted like a con man, lying and cheating everyone to enhance his money and his power. But now that he is officially president of the United States, he has made every American citizen responsible for his evil deeds.

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When we fought and conquered Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II, we made the German and Japanese nations responsible for the murders and tortures of millions of innocent people inflicted by our Nazi and Japanese enemies. I personally took part in this effort as a member of the U.S. Army. When we completed that important task after the war, we hoped that our nation would never again have to clean up the world from the evil deeds inflicted by hostile nations.

President Trump has not disclosed much information about his true links to the Putin dictatorship of Russia. Trump has long wanted to build a Trump Hotel in Moscow. He has plans for such a building and it is believed that he hopes to launch the project in the near future. Trump has never, in my memory, criticized or made any statement opposing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Now President Donald Trump is showing the world that his administration has been actively working with the Russian government to help Russian efforts to win control of the government of the United States. The Russians have taken part with the cooperation of the Trump Administration to impact U.S. election results to help Russian interests. I believe the Trump Administration is guilty of treason by colluding with the Russian dictatorship in order to dominate the government of the United States.