President Donald J. Trump and his administration should be impeached for obstruction of justice and high crimes and misdemeanors, especially for their latest crime, stealing children from their parents to protect the border from illegal immigrants.

Every decent person in our United States should be furious about this latest version of the Trump dictatorship. I believe Trump and his supporters are trying to enact cruel rules and laws that remind me, a World War II veteran, of the murderous Nazi regime that imprisoned and murdered millions of innocent people.

As a soldier in World War II, who helped occupy former Nazi Germany, I saw the results of Hitler’s Nazi regime, which devastated Europe from 1940 to 1945. Millions of innocent men and women were herded into concentration camps where most people were killed in gas chambers or by bullets. All of this horror was started by a dictatorial government that focused on oppressing the most vulnerable members of society. America should never copy the Nazi example.

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I agree that people from foreign countries should legally come into the United States. That’s why we have borders and passports and regulations governing individuals who want to settle or visit the United States. It is true now that large numbers of men, women and children are on or near our borders possibly hoping to settle in our country. So what else is new? That happened many times in the past.

Some of these people have been allowed to temporarily come to the United States pending verification of their status. They are here now. But something new has been added to the story of these would-be immigrants. Through some new rules which have recently been enacted, their children have been taken away from them. According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would-be immigrants are not allowed to bring their children with them. The government is going to hold the children until their status is approved.

What the hell is going on? I am the son of immigrants who came here in the 19th century. My mother was a year-old baby when she came here and my father was 5 years old. They both became American citizens soon after they arrived. The same thing happened to the parents, grand- or great-grandparents of millions of Americans living today. The government never took their ancestors away when they were little kids.

The U.S. government is now holding 600 or more children of people who recently came here. I believe the children should be quickly returned to their parents and the law should be stricken from the records as illegal and unconstitutional. I don’t know if this action was caused by President Donald Trump. If he is responsible for it, this illegal action should be included among the high crimes and misdemeanors he should be charged with.
It also should be noted that Mr. Trump won his election as president in 2016 through the help of Vladimir Putin, the dictator of

Russia. Mr. Putin used his spy network to send messages to American voters favoring Trump. Trump has strongly denied the support that Putin provided and helped him get elected. I believe that Donald Trump’s collusion with Putin’s foreign dictatorship amounts to treason against the United States.

We Democrats and our supporters will have to work hard to defeat Trump, who aspires to be a dictator like Putin. We must start now in 2018 to elect candidates to win the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.