One of the big problems for the Republicans, and for the rest of us Americans, is the fact that even Trump’s own supporters don’t really know where he stands on important issues. He constantly uses Twitter to antagonize even his own followers, including Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump became famous with his book, “The Art of the Deal,” and believes he is the only one who can make deals.

Another complication is that Democrats don’t control a majority of either the U.S. House or Senate. Republicans have a president in the White House and a numerical majority in Congress—237 seats out of the 430 currently occupied in the House, and 52 out of 100 in the Senate.

Under most normal conditions, the Republican majorities in both would, despite Democratic opposition, be able to pass almost all GOP legislation. This hasn’t happened. The Republicans won their first big victory this month when the House and Senate approved a new government tax bill unanimously opposed by the Democrats.

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In all of the earlier Republican attempts to pass desired legislation, they were temporarily stopped by three or four of their own party members, including Arizona Sen. John McCain. Cancer treatments sidelined McCain for the crucial vote.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski was among the Republicans who opposed the GOP tax bill. She evidently switched her vote because her party members agreed to support the ANWR provisions allowing oil drilling in previously protected areas in Alaska and other states.

We are in great danger now with Trump trying to buy off the opposition and making deals to destroy the environment. We have to watch and oppose everything Republicans want to do.