NORTH SALEM, N.Y.-Jean Goldsmyth is already known to most of North Salem News readers through her weekly cartoon, “Happily Ever After,” but with the use of technology, she’s getting back to her fine art roots.

Using a pixel app called Procreate on her iPad, Goldsmyth can create realistic sketches and brush strokes and have the freedom to work anywhere she wants without lugging around a backpack full of equipment.

“It’s very legitimate,” Goldsmyth says of using technology to create works of art. The medium is rising in popularity through artists such as David Hockey, who was profiled for his iPad use three years ago in The New York Times in a piece headlined “iPad Is an Artist’s Canvas for David Hockney.”

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Goldsmyth shared a recent work with the North Salem News that shows a scene from the second-floor window of her home looking into the woods with the snow falling and a soft glow from the lights of her neighbor’s home. At first glance, it’s hard to tell it’s a digital painting.

“The air was silvery and reflective and you couldn’t really see through the snow,” Goldsmyth said. “It came out very impressionistic, which is my style, anyway.”

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