Another week down, and we hope you are staying healthy and safe. As a part of the community for the past 47 years, we are here for you, and always will be. We have come up with tips to keep you busy and keep your positive mentality in check.

Stick to your daily routine: make your bed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed. Change your clothes every day, even if it is from one pair of pajamas to another. Find a new hobby, read a book, do a puzzle, re-paint a room, go through your clothes, organize a closet, learn a language, play cards or board games.

Missing your family or friends? Social distancing doesn't mean we still can't see them! Keep in-touch with a FaceTime or Zoom call. Challenge them to a virtual workout with you.

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Have kids? Try these agility and balance moves or hand-eye coordination drills from our Parisi Speed School team! Go for a bike ride on your driveway or road if it's safe. Do arts and crafts, blow bubbles, draw, color, draw with chalk outside, decorate eggs, or watch a movie. Enlist kids to help out with yard work. Make a game of it by seeing who can rake the most leaves or gather the most sticks. Download a word search and see who can complete it the fastest.

Angelo, Nursery and Energy Center supervisor in Jefferson Valley, says kids really love doing scavenger hunts, and they can easily be done both indoors and out. It's a fun family game that's infinitely adaptable. "Parents can set up a scavenger hunt with different clues/riddles and give the kids 'x' amount of time to complete it." Set up a list of items to be found, awarding points for each. Add in brain-teaser questions too! There are plenty of activities to do, you just have to get creative!

Keep active and remember to stay hydrated! As always, you can find tips, workouts, and creative exercise challenges on our Instagram, Briarcliff Facebook, or Jefferson Valley Facebook pages. We thank you for taking these tips into consideration.

Stay healthy!
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