NORTH SALEM, N.Y. - Juliette Daigneault, a junior at North Salem High School, received her Girl Scout Gold Award this summer by creating mobile libraries in the Dominican Republic.

When Juliette’s father returned from a Dominican Republic “Mision Joven” trip two years ago and shared his stories, Juliette knew right away she wanted to help the children living there. Juliette felt her Gold Award was the perfect opportunity to help the schools and teachers who have limited supplies. 

She was inspired to create a mobile library so children could have the opportunity to travel and expand their knowledge through books. Juliette began a campaign to raise money for books, supplies and shipping. She ran bookmark making workshops with local Girl Scout troops and at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library. 

Through donations and a discount from Barnes & Noble, Juliette was able to provide the schools with two mobile libraries. Each library consists of 60 books in Spanish, with 30 for teaching children to read and 30 for pleasure reading. In her workshops she made 600 bookmarks as a gift to the children. “I love seeing the children with smiles on their faces and I hope I have made a difference in helping them explore and grow through reading,” Juliette said.