The town is looking to create another soccer field at Joe Bohrdrum Park.   

Supervisor Warren Lucas said the community is in need of more fields for soccer, which is especially popular in town.

“Getting an additional space will not only allow more practice for the kids, it also allows other fields to rest a little bit,” Lucas said.

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The school board has also discussed upgrading its current grass fields to turf, which would provide a year-round playing surface for the district and the community. Although a grass field is about two-thirds the cost of a turf field, grass fields can get too muddy to be used.   

The project will require leveling the site, putting soil on top and planting grass seed. The work also includes tree removal, irrigation and the installations of well pumps, site electrical and drainage.    

Over the years, the town has put a lot of effort into upgrading JB Park, including installing a new basketball court and renovating the soccer field. The town repaved the previous basketball court, installed polyurethane flooring and added two new hoops.

With a delivery of 19,000 cubic yards of soil from a construction site on Mills Road and dedicated funds in the budget, it was time to put the plan for the JB Park soccer field into action. 

“We’ve been pushing and waiting, and we finally got it ready to go,” Lucas said. 

Bids for the project must be received by Sept. 26. 

The ideal contractor is expected to start immediately. If all goes according to plan, Lucas said the contractor could plant grass seed this fall so the field could be used next year. 

“We’ll try to do this as well as possible with as little money as possible,” Lucas said.